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HR Tools

HR Tools: Welcome

CGI Benefits can help provide human resource administrators access to products and services to help them with many time-consuming functions.


Health Care Reform guidelines

More than 500 downloadable forms

Interactive HR apps including a job description builder, salary bench-marking tool and employee performance review builder

Step-by-step guides for interviewing, hiring, terminating and performance reviews

All-in-One federal and state labor law posters

ERISA Compliance

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA is a federal law that covers administrative aspects of employee benefit and retirement plans.

Employee Benefit Statements - "Hidden Paycheck" Summary

The effective communication of employee benefit cost pressures and plan design changes are critical to the success of any employee benefit plan. Employee benefit statements ("hidden paycheck") are an effective human resource information tool to communicate the total compensation value of employer-sponsored benefits. Using a customized, individualized employee benefit statement, each employee can better understand the financial commitment the employer has made.

Full-Service COBRA Administration

All employers with more than 20 employees must comply with the federal statute commonly known as COBRA. As many as 95 percent of employers are not in compliance with this law. When this is not your main focus, it is hard to keep up with ever-changing regulations. We can work with you to provide access to COBRA administrators who will take all the necessary steps required by law to ensure all aspects of compliance.

HR Web Site for HR Personnel and Employees

More and more companies are looking to the Web to communicate internal polices and updates for their employees. Some of these sites will give employees access to employee handbooks, vacation/sick policies, insurance benefit summaries, as well as resources for HR Management.

Section 125 Premium-Only Plans/Flex Plans

The Section 125 Premium-Only Plan (POP) saves you and your employees by reducing payroll taxes. It works by making one simple adjustment in your payroll process: employees pay their portion of insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. Qualifying premiums may include an employee's share of employer-sponsored health, dental, disability, accident and group-term life insurance.

In addition to being covered by a medical plan, participants can establish a medical Flexible Spending Account. In most cases, the contributions to a Flexible Spending Account are exclusively from the employee on a pre-tax salary reduction basis. The amounts credited to a Flexible Spending Account are then used to pay amounts not covered by the medical plan such as deductibles, co-pays or cosmetic surgery. In addition, the employer can provide an option to have salary reduction amounts contributed to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.

At CGI Benefits, we know that an organization's most valuable resource is its employees.

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