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Voluntary Dental Insurance

Most dental plans come with the freedom to visit any licensed dentist you choose. Dental plans typically cover preventative services such as your check-ups and cleanings, basic services like routine fillings and extractions, and major services including crowns, bridges and dentures.
Whether you are looking at offering a Voluntary or Employer-Funded plan, we can help choose the ones that's right for your company.

Voluntary Dental Insurance: Packages
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Voluntary Dental Insurance: Insurance Providers


Aflac supplemental insurance provides an additional level of financial protection for your employees and their families in the event of a serious accident or illness.

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Colonial Life

Helping America's Workers for 75 Years

For 75 years, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company has had one mission: to help America’s workers preserve and protect the vitally important things they work so hard to build.

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Transamerica offers a wide array of products to suit your insurance needs. Find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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Kansas City Life Insurance

The Voluntary Dental plan has a variety of options allowing you to build a plan that can make employees happy.

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